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Nope PHP 6 is not here… but how about 2013?

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This is a retrospective of the year that has just ended.

In case anybody is still wandering, no, PHP 6 didn’t come out and it will probably not come out any time soon.

Why is it relevant? Since I started this blog, at the end of each year I had a post related to PHP 6 and the fact that it wasn’t released. In 2008 it was a popular question, but nobody is wondering  about that anymore, and so I will close this subject now. Let’s return to the year that has just ended.

Close to the middle of the year, the version PHP 5.5 was released, bringing features like: finally , generators and many other enhancements.

Like in 5.4, these are not defining features for the language. In this new version, there are functionalities that can be easily replaced, but if present, they are welcome.

Even though PHP is proving very dynamic lately, I think this year the main keywords were HTML5 and JavaScript.

HTML5 is seeing a lot of improvements and older components begin to have more momentum. The companies are beginning to invest in games that work in the browser using WebGL. Even older games are getting ported to the platform, using technologies like asm.js.

And, because I’ve brought games into the subject, it seems very interesting to me how only 5-7 years ago the games built with JavaScript were relatively simplistic, and now they can be compared with the ones from PCs and consoles.

I think the web revolution, which many were expecting, is taking shape. Finally the Web is a platform in the true meaning and JavaScript a language truly appreciated.

The success is due to all sides, it is not only about ECMA or only about browser manufactures, now it is truly dynamic. The Web revolution is in full blow!

When it comes to backend, the spotlight was on Node.js. It is becoming an important player on the market. New frameworks have appeared  and it isn’t a platform mainly used by hackers eager to explore new technologies anymore, but also by large companies, like PayPal, LinkedIn and Yahoo, adding a vote of confidence to it. I think Node.js is finding its place and a niche in the market, and, as a JavaScript fan, I can only be happy.

An advantage of Node.js is that you don’t have to take into consideration different JavaScript versions, like in the browser. It allows the use of the latest features from ECMA freely, an environment where you can develop JavaScript with not headaches.

Technically speaking, it was a very interesting year for web development.

Finally, I want to wish you all an extraordinary 2014!

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19 January 2014 at 11:10 PM

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