Moving away from Wordpress

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I've had this blog for more than 12 years.

In 2008, When I was starting this blog, Wordpress was the most popular open source blogging platform.

As time went by, many security flaws were discovered.

The plugins, the main driver for extending the platform and one of the main reasons why the platform was so popular, had many architectural concerns raised.

Today, after all this years, and with all this security and design consideration, Wordpress ended up being, well... probably the most popular PHP platform on the web, with all the legacy code still working with the new versions and many of the plugins from 2008 still going strong.

As time went by and I was writing less and less, it became obvious that I was spending more time keeping Wordpress up to date than actually using it to write.

So today I finally decided to move to Hugo.

Hugo is a static site generator, built in Golang. Everything is static when building with Hugo and, even more curious, there is no database, there are only config and Markdown files. So the end result for me is a lot less work on updating the platform.

With the new platform, a new theme also comes along, which brings the blog to a more modern look and with the very important feature of night mode!

Jekyll is the most popular platform for static site generator, but it is built with Ruby and I like Hugo better because the templates are generated from Go Template files. It is a matter of taste more than anything else.

And with this update, please enjoy my now static blog!