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Another year has passed and PHP 6 will not arrive

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Another year has passed and PHP 6 will not arrive.

Actually for the last couple of years I’ve been expecting PHP 6, and I believe this is more of a traditional blog for me to close the year.

PHP 6 will not come because the trunk was abandoned and rebuild from a 5.3.

Even if PHP 6 will not be out for a while now, PHP 5.3 is gaining popularity. Frameworks like Zend Framework and Symfony are each preparing in 2011 a 2.0 version that will need PHP 5.3+ to run. Even CodeIgniter, a framework that is was traditional PHP 4 compatible will need at least PHP 5.1.6 for version 2.0.

Even more, the official Zend certification for PHP is now ZCE 5.3, and it’s becoming very popular, even if it was released just few months back.

But a new year is ending and is time to check achievement from last year’s resolution and to write a new one.

Last year I’ve finished my masters, and with it I’ve finished way to many years to want to count of school. In fact this is the firs winter that I’m not in some form of school, maybe this is why I feel like I have so much free time :).

I’ve change my work place, and with it I was forced to use some things that were on my TODO list for quite some time:

  • Linux
  • Symfony Framework
  • Linux was a subject around I was gravitating inevitable for years, but never got to in to deep. It was always on my “todo” list, but never got the time or patience to really get into much detail with it, or didn’t have the continuity when I did it. When I got to my new work place I found my self in front of a Ubuntu computer, and I’ve started to panic a little.

    After few months I’ve made a new step, and for the first time in my life I went to a professional course. The course was organised by Info Academy. Paid from my own pocket and a little overlapped with my work hours. But I’ve reached the conclusion that I had to do it. Probably it does not sound like a big deal, but I usually study on my own, and it was quite weird for me. Now that is over I can say that it was a great investment and I recommend it (to all from Romania that can go to this centre).

    Sometime during that course I’ve realised that it was time to boot in linux from time to time even at home. The next step was to reconfigure the boot manager to boot directly to linux. Now that I’m almost exclusively use linux, I’ve reached the conclusion that is user friendly enough to be a real alternative to Windows.

    Symfony framework is another dusty entry on my “todo” list. Even if I’ve been playing around before with CodeIgniter and Zend Framework, I’ve never even got near to Symfony until last year. I’ve felt the fundamental difference of concept between ZF and Symfony. This was another reason to panic at my new work place, and after all: “all frameworks suck”.

    Is not a very easy to learn framework because of the concepts, but I thing it worth it. What I like most about this framework is the CRUD generating, that is very easy to do but is very powerful and flexible. Another thing is the use of YML files, which was taken from Ruby on Rails, is a way better alternative to the PHP’s native ini files.

    In the end, 2010 was a good year, with lot’s of achievements, even if I didn’t check everything on my last year’s resolution, I think I’ve checked enough.

    And now I wish you a great and full of achievements 2011! Happy new year!

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    31 December 2010 at 5:38 PM

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    1. Si eu m-am angajat anul trecut ( in decembrie ) si la noul loc de munca folosesc symfony. Asa ca daca detaliezi putin experianta ta acumulata pana acum m-ai ajuta ceva :).

      Ma intereseaza cam ce surse de invatare sint ok.

      Mersi si spor.


      3 January 2011 at 10:34 AM

    2. Symfony vine cu documentarie oficiala free in format electronic, sub format de carti chiar pe site-ul oficial.

      Manualul e de baza:
      – daca folosesti 1.4 atunci:
      – daca folosesti 1.0 – 1.2 atunci:
      Practic aceeasi carte doar ca s-a schimbat denumirea.

      Dupa asta: daca inca mai ai rabdare.

      Astea au fost sfaturiile pe care le-am primit si eu cand m-am angajat aici, si le dau si eu mai departe :).

      Multa bafta!


      3 January 2011 at 12:13 PM

    3. Salut,

      Dupa atatea luni, ti-ai mai schimbat parerea despre Symfony? Te-ai apucat si de 2? 🙂


      11 August 2011 at 12:45 AM

    4. Salut,

      Parerea buna despre Symfony a ramas. 🙂 Bine spus “m-am apucat” de Symfony 2, nu am facut decat teste. Dar e interesant, e construit mult mai flexibil.


      11 August 2011 at 7:46 AM

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