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Today the JavaScript Games section is officially launched! The games have been recently created, after the model of classic games.

I’ve started the first game to show a friend that it is possible to build this kind of apps with JavaScript. And this is one of the main ideas of the section: interactivity in the browser using only HTML, CSS and of course JavaScript!

Today I make them public because is a shame to not give others the chance to waste time playing :).

The games should work cross-browser, they don’t have HTML 5 or other stuff that can lead to incompatibility. They shall prove the power of JavaScript, without any other sophisticated tools.

Many games are not well finished, but I hope that with time I’ll resolve the issues, add new features and of course new games. For suggestions and issues, please send an e-mail to

Have fun!

Written by Claudiu Persoiu

2 August 2009 at 7:14 PM

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