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Google now knows where I live

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More then an year ago I wrote a blog, where I was telling that Google doesn’t know where I live.

The issue was that Goole Maps had a very poor coverage for Romania, and Yahoo! Maps is a way better alternative for this part of Europe. I still believe that Yahoo! Maps is a better alternative but I was surprised by one thing. Occasionally I’ve visited Google Maps to see how things are going with the coverage of Bucharest, basically it was represented a single way to cross the city from highway A1 to A2, and nothing else.

About a month ago, I went back to check what was new because I needed to build an Romanian tourism app and… surprise, surprise, even though the satellite photos are of lower quality now, I could find my street using the search and even the block where I live. Even more I was able to calculate alternative routes to variousĀ  locations in Bucharest.

It looks like Google has began to have a little more interest in this part of central Europe, now allowing for a real competition with Yahoo!. This is a great advantage for Android phone users who use Google Maps for there GPS app. Few years ago, to user Google Maps in Romania it was completely useless, you could see the satellite images, but that was about all, you could not find useful addresses, and if there ware marked on the map you could not automatically find a route to them.

Eventually I used Google Maps for my app, even though I still believe that Yahoo! Maps is a good alternative, as far as quality and API. Speaking of API, both of them seem ok and I don’t king that’s a criteria to difference them between the two giants.

A thing a little shocking about Google knowing where I live it was on an evening when curios to see if my GPS works on my mobile phone I went on my balcony. Everything was ok, it found me within 50 and 100m on the Google map, using my wireless connection for the data transfer. Another evening a friend came over to tried the same thing, using the same connection to the Internet, same Google Maps app, and he was found within 100m.

Nothing unusual in theory, but everything changedĀ  the next day when he told me that his phone didn’t have GPS, and what we ware seeing was the date from the last time I connected my device… so Google now knows where I live… literary…

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1 March 2010 at 9:38 PM

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Harti, harti si iar harti…

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Fiecare din cei trei giganti ai Internetului au cate un serviciu pentru harti.

Probabil cel mai mare, mai mediatizat si mai plin de facilitati este cel de la Google, respectiv Google Maps. Motorul se bucura de un API , suficient de interesant incat a fost pana si o carte numita 21 steps scrisa folosindu-se acesta. Cartea este foarte interactiva si scotate in evidenta facilitatile acestui serviciu.

Motorul beneficiaza pana si de un nou serviciu Street view care iti permite sa vezi imagini din respectiva locatie.

De asemenea iPhone 3G nu are o aplicatie total independenta pentru GPS (cum au dispozitivele cu Windows Mobile) ci foloseste o aplicatie bazata pe… Google Maps.

Totul bine si frumos, in special daca stai in USA sau in alta tara mai “importanta”.

Dar ce se intampla daca stai in Romania? Imaginea “din satelit”(de fapt se rezalizeaza din avion) a Bucurestiului a fost actualizata curand. Dar… cand vine vorba de harta nu se vede decat soseaua de centura si o ruta care traverseza orasul.

Cu alte cuvinte, Google nu stie unde stau! Si sa ne gandim la un scenariu: daca dispui de un iPhone 3G si ai aplicatia de GPS cu Google Maps, nuprea poti sa faci mare lucru cu modulul GPS in Romania.

Intamplator, am inceput sa studiez serviciul similar de la Yahoo! si anume Yahoo! Maps. Surpriza, surpriza aici sunt trecute chiar toate strazile in amanunt (la Bucuresti cel putin). Serviciul Yahoo! Maps are un API similar cu cel oferit de Google, dar in cazul de fata poti sa lucrezi binisor cu el in Romania.

Concluzia Yahoo! stie unde stau!

Am incercat si motorul de la MSN desi… trebuie sa recunosc ca nu l-am studiat prea mult. Acesta se numeste Live Maps. Hartile sunt cam la fel de “noi” ca si cele de la Yahoo!, si desi toate strazile apar pe harta ele nu apar via motor de cautare de cele mai multe ori.

Si concluzia finala, daca esti in USA, Google Maps e cel mai tare, dar daca esti intr-o tara cum e Romania, Yahoo! Maps este de departe mult mai potrivit!

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21 September 2008 at 5:53 PM

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