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Magento native stack trace

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There are moments when you need to see the stack trace, to know how a certain point was reached. There are two native functions for that in PHP: debug_backtrace() si debug_print_backtrace. The first one returns an array and the second will print the stack trace to the screen.

The problem is that this functions must be customized for Magento, because it is very possible that when you’re running debug_backtrace()  you can run out of memory before you can send the output to a log file.

Magento has a native function for that purpose: Varien_Debug::backtrace([bool $return = false], [bool $html = true], [bool $withArgs = true]). In order to send the resulting stacktrace to a log file you simply all it with:

Mage::log(Varien_Debug::backtrace(true, false));

This technique is very useful when you need to see where an certain object is initialized, and what methods were executed up to that point.

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25 February 2012 at 11:48 AM

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