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There is life without PHP 6 – 2012 retrospective

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Another year has passed without native unicode support for PHP. Yes, PHP6 is not here yet, in case anybody was still asking…

But, the version that is now here is PHP 5.4. With this version only refinements were added, there weren’t changes as big as there were on PHP 5.3. In PHP 5.4, the big addition are “traits” and, my favorite, the new version for closure.

As the keywords for last year were Drupal and Magento, this year the keyword was only Magento.

A couple of months ago, more or less forced by the circumstances, I’ve taken the Magento Plus certification exam. For this certification, Optaros, my employer, had a major influence. We had been more or less made to take the exam and we also had to be part of a company level study group.

I haven’t been part of a study group since faculty, and I must admit that I’ve forgotten how useful it is. Colleagues with more Magento experience (unlike me who I’ve been working with Magento for a little more than an year), had helped a lot to clarify issues and to document them.

But more about this in another blog, that will follow shortly (I hope)…

Anyway, after studying Magento in so much detail, I must admit that I have a lot more respect for the platform. After you analyze the backend architecture, a different picture is emerging. The architecture is very interesting and quite flexible, which makes you overlook some of it’s shortcomings.

Now that a new year has begun, I wish I’m going to publish more, I think in the last period I haven’t been very “productive” when it comes to publishing, either text or code.

Also this year I want to take at least another certification exam. As the Magento certification was set only for this year, I still have a lot of options on my plate.

That’s about all for 2012 and plans for 2013.

I wish you an excellent 2013!

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14 January 2013 at 9:54 AM

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