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My pink elePHPant in the room

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happy elePHPants

My elePHPants family!

My elePHPants collection has just doubled, now I have 2!

I wanted an pink elePHPant, to keep company to my old elePHPant.

Also this time I’ve turned to eBay. A quick search found another elePHPants breeder, this time is: Herman J. Radtke III. This time I’ve ordered it directly from his site, without eBay, only because eBay would calculate the shipping fee wrong.

Even with the right shipping fee, the new elePHPant wasn’t exactly cheap:

ElePHPant 16.16 55,51
Shipping to RO 16.95 58,23
Postal fee (customs) 0.6 1.95
Total: 33.71 115,69

Not exactly cheap taking into consideration that the price for an elePHPant is about 5 euros in bulk.

But now I have a happy elePHPant family!

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17 April 2012 at 10:01 PM

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