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Another year has passed an PHP 6 remains a myth – 2011 in review

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It became a tradition for me to begin my annual review on this subject.

PHP 6 is as close to be released as it was last year, or two years ago, which is without perspective. This year PHP 5.4 reached RC4 and a final version will probably be released soon, this means that work on PHP 6 will not be resumed soon. But more about PHP 5.4 with another occasion, is on my “TODO” list to see what got into RC4.

As the main keyword for me in PHP 5.3 were namespaces, Anonymous functions, closures and garbage collector, in PHP 5.4 it seems that those keywords are going to be traits, the new closures and scalar type hinting, next to many other new features.

When I’ve wrote my first annual review blog about PHP 6, I was mainly working on Romanian websites, hence my desire for a version that will natively support this language and any other without any changes. Back then I was mainly working directly with the language, without using a framework most of the time. But since then a lot of time has passed and many things have changed, now I’m using almost exclusively frameworks and other platforms that are taking me further away from the language, offering me a different architectural perspective.

After more then an year with NCH, I’ve decided that is time for a change. This is also a company from the states with a branch in Romania, and this time is Optaros. Although I wasn’t trying to change my work place, I’ve responded to an invitation to an interview, and long story short, I left. For a long time I’ve wanted to work again for external clients, after working at NCH where all the projects were internal, I’ve wanted a change.

Again the projects are even bigger, with other scalability issues. But I think that makes web development so interesting, the bigger the scalability issues, the bigger the project.

Last year the main keywords were Linux si Symfony framework. For this year that is just ending the main keywords probably were: Magento and Drupal.

After a short period of working with Magento, I can say that it seems incredible how a platform so big has so little documentation and a lot of the time so inconsistent. It is a very complex platform and a lot of things can be done with it, but when it comes to documentation, it seems like the usual approach is to just analyze the core. Coming from the Symfony world, where there are literary books for documentation, available for free, it seems incredible how little and disorganized is the Magento documentation. But this is also a subject for another blog. A think that the Optaros team played an important role in helping me understand how to approach the issues.

Another major event for me this year was the Yahoo! Open Hack Day, event that this year was also held in Romania. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much enthusiasm and energy in a single place, in a single day. For me as a developer it was an unforgettable experience, one of those moments that remind me why I’ve chosen this profession.

Also this year I’ve passed my PHP 5.3 certification exam, at the beginning of the year. The exam wasn’t as difficult as I’ve expected, even though the tension remains the same. The fact that it wasn’t my first certification exam helped, it’s incredible how much you remember when you start the reading the documentation again. Last year I’ve decided that I have to take at least an certification exam every year, so I have to get started on preparing for the next one.

As a conclusion, 2011 was a good year, full of challenges and accomplishments, even though I haven’t checked a lot of entries on my last year’s resolution, I’ve done quite a few that were not on that list. But now is time for another new year’s resolution.

And now I wish you an 2012 full of achievements! Happy new year!

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3 January 2012 at 4:45 PM

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